Research & Development

The pharma industry is immensely competitive where innovation is essential to stability and growth, and when it comes to product innovation and development, the role of the R&D department is critical. At Mehrsam Aria Pharmed, R&D is the mean for company to achieve further growth and maintain its relevance in its chosen market. Therefore, R&D department of Mehrsam Aria Pharmed company involves spending resources on investigation and testing to develop new products or new ways of doing things. It also supports the enhancement of existing products or processes.

Localization of the method of manufacturing strategic pharmaceutical products is one of the capabilities of this department.

This department also presents the following services in the form of contract to the applicant companies.

  • Consultation for design, implementation and launching research and production lines
  • Consultation or operational implementation to solve research and production problems of company partners or customers from the perspective of technical knowledge
  • Any cooperation in relevant fields to be agreed on by the parties