Quality Assurance

In order to establish a quality system, Quality Assurance department of Mehrsam Aria Pharmed company had been established. For the mean of continuous development, the quality activities of this department include all production processes. These processes start from the supply of raw materials in the synthesis of APIs and continue to the end of production of the final form of the medicine and its quality control.

Quality Assurance responsibilities at Mehrsam Aria Pharmed include:

  • Planning and monitoring quality management for continuous improvement
  • Supervising codification of quality regulations and procedures in accordance with ISO standards and World Health Organization requirements
  • Establishment and monitoring quality management system
  • Supervision of processes of codification, approval, distribution documents and records
  • Supervision of calibration planning and equipment and tools maintenance
  • Performing preventive and reformative proceedings
  • Review and approval of training requirements
  • Review and approval of non-compliance reports
  • Participation in provision of performance reports
  • Review of quality and technical problems and quality risk management
  • Organization, implementation and submission of internal audits reports
  • Participation in operational plans