About Us

Our ambition is to promote ingenious and reasonable medicine to make a difference in the lives of people. We perceive our activities at Mehrsam Aria Pharmed as fundamental and part of an expanding society


Passionate for innovation and with the aim of manufacturing High-tech and Knowledge-based products, Mehrsam Aria Pharmed Company commenced its activity in 2019. The enterprise which was outset with the efforts and ideas of diligent experts to lead to the creation of the largest manufacturer of starting materials, intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as hazardous products, antibiotics, cardiovascular, etc. in the region. Research and development in the field of new drugs in order to supply the regional market has been the main priority of Mehrsam Aria Pharmed Company.

Our concentration is on developing varied products from A-Z in the field of cancer, cardiovascular, viral, blood pressure, skin disease and also provision of research and development services while ensuring safety, efficiency and quality of the products for the consumers.

Mehrsam Aria Pharmed’s strategy is the development and preservation of the role of a leading company in the region. Our purpose is to utilize our expertise to identify and acquire selected products through participatory strategies for promotion and sustainable development of human being’s health condition.

Attention to innovation and quality places Mehrsam Aria Pharmed among the prominent companies in the field of technology, innovation as well as quality in the country.

In the pharmaceutical industry, quality is one of the key issues which demands extra consideration at the top of other issues, therefore many regulations, policies and controls become important. To achieve this goal, a centralized quality management system was created to ensure the superior quality of the products by setting up quality assurance and quality control departments and operational risks assessment as well as continuous improvement of processes.

Mehrsam Aria Pharmed is equipped with the most advanced quality control equipment. With a systematic approach, this company has created a framework for the application of quality by design and by creating a research and development department for hazardous products, and it ensures the sustainable quality of products from early stages of design to market entrance.


Established in 2019, Mehrsam Aria Pharmed is an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturer, involved in development, progression and production of distinct range of pharmaceuticals to be used in assorted finished dosage forms.

Available services at Mehrsam Aria Pharmed:

  • Preparation of registration documents for DMF or CTD
  • Pharmaceutical quality control services
  • Creating technical knowledge for high-tech API production
  • Production of Low-Volume, High Value (LVHV) APIs in different therapeutic areas, such as Narcotic and Anticancer
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering Services according to GMP requirements


With the prospect of serving human beings we are decisive to preserve our position amid leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. Nonetheless, our policy sums to escalate collaborations with overseas companies.